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Terms & Conditions


The Alto School of Music takes responsibility for scheduling students and strives to arrange the most convenient timing.

To secure your spot, a deposit is necessary.

Students enrol for the full academic year, and a minimum of 4 weeks' notice is required if they cannot complete the full year.

All classes are subject to minimum enrolment numbers, and the school reserves the right to run or cancel classes based on these numbers.

The class time or fees may be altered if required to accommodate smaller groups or individual classes.


Lessons cancelled by students will not be rescheduled.

If a teacher has to cancel classes due to unavoidable circumstances, they will be covered by a deputy teacher or rescheduled at a later date suitable for both the teacher and the student.

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for a child's enjoyment and success.

Parents/guardians are expected to pick up their children on time to avoid any disruptions to the day's schedule.


Exam entry fees for musicianship and instrumental exams are paid directly to the examining board.

Parents/students are responsible for ensuring they enter exams by the deadline date.

Students are notified at their lessons when they are due for exams.


All fees are due at the beginning of each term and are non-returnable, except when canceled by the school.

Payment in installments can be arranged directly with the administration.

Contact Information:

Parents' contact details are automatically added to the Student Mailing List and SMS Text Message List for communication purposes.


Students are expected to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner while on the school premises.

Respect for fellow students, teachers, equipment, resources, and facilities is imperative.

Parents are asked to be courteous and polite to office and teaching staff.


The school may record photos and videos of student performances for website and archive purposes unless parents/guardians opt out.

Parents attending their children's concerts/presentations may take photos or videos for personal use, provided it doesn't infringe on others' privacy.

These guidelines and policies aim to establish clear expectations for both students and parents regarding attendance, behavior, fees, and communication. It also addresses issues related to classes, exams, safety, and events.

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